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iPage Coupon

If you are already familiar with the iPage web hosting products and services they offer, you may be looking to take advantage of our iPage coupon right away. Therefore let’s talk about it briefly! The normal iPage price is $11.95 a month, but if you click on our official iPage promo links you will only pay $1.99 a month! That’s right, only $1.99 a month! You don’t lose any features either.

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iPage Promo Price Web Hosting

iPage is no stranger to the web hosting industry. They were founded in 1998 and have tons of experience in what it takes to run a successful web hosting company.  iPage makes it clear through their business practices, that they understand the needs of web hosting customers varies from one to another, and that their customers are the number one priority.  iPage does an excellent job at providing one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, reliable, affordable, secure, and quality web hosting plans in the industry.  As a leader in the web hosting industry iPage serves over 1 million websites, in over 150 countries, with 6 worldwide locations, and over 800 employees working non-stop to constantly improve their product and serve their customers.

iPage Plans

iPage offers shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting. While the iPage VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting are great, it is the iPage Essential shared web hosting plan that is by far the most popular. It is also the best plan that iPage offers you to take advantage of our iPage promo price. Thus we are going to concentrate on the iPage Essential plan in this article.

The iPage Essential web hosting plan includes everything you will need to create, design, market, and manage your own customized personal or business website.  The plan includes a number of unlimited features including disk space, bandwidth/transfer, domains, MySQL databases, email addresses, and more. Here are some of the other key web hosting features offers within their iPage Essential plan:

  • Drag and Drop Site Builder (6 Free Pages)
  • Template-Based Site Builder
  • Personalized Domain name (1 year FREE)
  • Blog Setup Wizard
  • Photo Gallery Setup Wizard
  • Free Online Store
  • Choice of Shopping Cart
  • PayPal Integration
  • Web Hosting Control Panel
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Marketing Credits for Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Facebook
  • Webmail, Email Forwarding, and Autoresponders

There are a number of other more technical features included in the plan. iPage refers to them as “Features for Geeks”. The geek features can be found on their website if you are interested.

iPage Billing

When purchasing the iPage web hosting package you have 3 billing options – 12 month, 24 month, and 36 month.  Naturally, the longer you are willing to commit to and pay upfront the more you will save. The reason for that is just like any other web hosting coupon, our iPage coupon is only good for the first term you sign up for. This is normal so don’t get scared. So take that into consideration, you will get the best savings when you sign up for the 36 month plan. But remember, you don’t have to sign up for that long and still save money with our iPage promo price.  Something to take into consideration also is that is no risk in purchasing a 3 year contract because iPage offers a 30 day money-back guarantee.

While many hosting companies offer cheap web hosting plans, most of them make their money by trying to up-sell you at check-out.  With iPage you get the option to purchase a few “website essentials” but these items are not critical to the look or operation of your website, they are merely optional tools to help customers get started. These are premium web hosting components such as dedicated iP address, SSL certificates, custom themes, and other non essential items.

Whether you purchase your iPage plan at the regular rate, or use one of the links found within this site and get the iPage Coupon pricing, you will receive the exact same features offered in the plan.  Every plan is also backed by an extensive online help center. A help center that includes an open ticket system, knowledgebase articles, tutorials, user guides, and a 24/7 North American based live chat or toll-free telephone service.

We feel there are a several different things that set iPage apart from many of the other web hosting providers. One, they offer a free exclusive security suite to protect your account. Two, their support team consists of highly trained and experienced people. People with the ability to communicate with customers of all levels of hosting experience.  Three, they have integrated Google Tools into the hosting control panel for customer convenience.  Four, they host websites on several redundant servers instead of a single server with a single backup server.  And last, but not least, when choosing iPage every customer can feel a little better inside about giving back to our environment by supporting one of the web hosting providers that do their part in providing eco-friendly “Green Web Hosting” services.

Now that you know more about iPage and the products iPage offers you should be ready to click on our official iPage promo price links and banners to start saving some serious money and only pay $1.99 a month!

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