Look for an iPage review then you came to the right place. A lot of people look for iPage reviews before they sign up for iPage and we don’t blame them. iPage web hosting is one best all around web hosting companies. iPage offers multiple types of web hosting that are sure to fit your needs. In our iPage review we are going to cover all of what iPage offers and also provide you with an iPage coupon to help save you some money!

iPage Review Myths

It is sad that we must start off by saying that not all iPage reviews are legit. There are a lot of companies out there that create fake iPage reviews for various reasons. Reasons that consist of them being loyal to another web hosting provider or them being loyal to iPage and earning money to post an iPage review. We take pride in ourselves that we offer our readers unbiased iPage reviews. We only care that our readers get what they are looking for and if that means they choose one of the other top web hosting providers. Let’s take a look at some of the iPage review myths:

1) iPage doesn’t offer free customer support- This is perhaps one of the most false iPage review topics we have seen. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and we can honestly say that the iPage customer support is not only free but one of the best we have ever dealt with. When you sign up with iPage you not only get free customer support but you can access it in many different formats. iPage offers you the ability to get help via toll free phone support, live chat support, email support, and they provide a collection of how to do articles. Bottom line is that when you contact the iPage support you are not only going to get the answer you need but you aren’t going to have to pay!

2) iPage is too corporate- Technically speaking iPage is part of a large corporation but they are their own entity. Just because the main corporation has other top web hosting provider that doesn’t affect iPage in any negative manner. Honestly all it does it provide you with greater resources and allows iPage to keep their price lower than other hosts. As we said in the beginning of this iPage review, there are a lot of people that knock iPage because they have hidden agendas. This being one of them…they are one of the smaller companies going against iPage.

3) iPage doesn’t offer webmail- Really? In this day and age why would people post iPage reviews that say there is no such thing as iPage webmail? Not only is this not true, but you have several options for accessing the iPage webmail. Speaking of webmail and email, the iPage email features are some of the best in the industry. iPage offers you the ability to have email forwarding, spam filters, email virus protection, and your own personal email address at your domain. If you are looking for some premium email hosting features, iPage has you covered as well. They offer not only OX mail plans but also MS Exchange 2010 plans. With both of them you get some of the best email hosting features you will find.

4) iPage servers are slow- Again completely false. iPage not only has some of the largest servers but they also have some of the most cutting edge servers. By spending the extra money on quality servers result in a better web hosting experience for all iPage users. Less downtime, faster uploads, and more storage. What else could you want from a cheap web hosting provider!

Types of iPage Web Hosting

The most popular type of iPage web hosting is their shared hosing planned called the “iPage Essential plan”. This is the main content of most iPage reviews that you will read. The iPage essential plan offers you unlimited storage space, scalable bandwidth, the ability to host unlimited domains, a free domain name, eCommerce tools, email accounts, free customer support, and much more. Unlike a lot of web hosting companies, iPage doesn’t offer multiple plans for shared hosting.

Thus you will only find the iPage essential plan when you look for shared hosting. They prefer to offer you all tools you need in one easy to use account. The iPage essential plan is also the plan that you can take advantage of iPage coupon and save some serious money! The iPage essential plan is only $1.99 a month with our iPage coupon! You can’t go wrong at that price and won’t find a better deal than the iPage essential plan.

Try iPage for only $1.99!!!

iPage offers VPS hosting also. The iPage VPS hosting plans are a great option for webmasters not looking to have dedicated hosting. With the iPage VPS hosting plans, you get instant deployment, customizable configurations, fully managed support, an easy to use cPanel control panel, cloud based flexibility, and much more. There are three iPage VPS hosting plans to choose from. The differences in them are the number of cores you get, the amount RAM, and amount of storage. All of the iPage VPS hosting plans at the top because of their security, customer support, and overall features. The iPage VPS hosting plans start at only $19.99 a month.

For those looking for dedicated hosting, iPage offers that as well. Similar to the iPage VPS hosting, the iPage dedicated hosting offers all the tools you need. You have complete independent control which allows you to install all the applications you need without the hassle! Plus you still get fully managed support and the easy to use cPanel. What makes the iPage dedicated hosting better? When you sign up for iPage dedicated hosting you get some of the fastest servers. Thus you have some of the best upload times!

iPage offers some of the best security on their dedicated servers so you don’t have to always be worried. There are three iPage dedicated hosting plans to choose from; Startup, Professional, and Enterprise. All three offer amazing solutions that will meet your needs. The iPage dedicated hosting plans start at $119.99 a month which is a great deal.

iPage Reviews

No matter what you are looking for, iPage offer it! iPage is constantly improving and offers amazing services. When you lump their web hosting features with our coupon, you can’t go wrong. Try iPage and find out why everybody raves so much in their iPage reviews!