iPage web hosting is one of the cheapest web hosting plans around and do not skimp on their features. Every iPage plan comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, allowed domains, email addresses, and much more. iPage web hosting includes a lot of free extras as well. Features such as domain registration, a security suite, site-building tools, online store software, and marketing credits, to name a few.  In this iPage review we want to take a look at one specific feature now offered with iPage web hosting: free JustCloud storage. The iPage JustCloud storage feature is amazing.

iPage JustCloud

JustCloud utilizes a small desktop application that allows users to backup data from multiple computers and devices to the cloud. You can view the files once they are stored in the cloud!  Plus you can view them from any device worldwide.  All you need is internet access. You may be wondering, what is the “cloud”? Cloud storage is a storage system that takes pools of data and stores it on multiple servers instead of just one physical machine. Sharing the data across multiple servers simultaneously provides numerous benefits. Some possible benefits include increased load speeds, excellent backup options, immediate access to files worldwide, and protection against natural disasters.

Because the files are across multiple servers, the workload of one server does not increase when the demand increases. As the load of one server gets heavy, another server automatically helps carry the load which keeps the data loading quickly. Moreover, using cloud storage makes it simple to backup or copy data quickly and easily.  Simple desktop applications, like JustCloud, will allow users to access, share, copy, and download their data from any location worldwide that has internet access. Anytime data is stored on only one physical machine, there is going to be a high risk of losing everything. Whether by natural disaster that destroys equipment, natural failure of the physical machine, corruption through some external means, or any number of other potential threats.

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Now that iPage offers free JustCloud storage it is easier than ever to safely and securely store your files in the cloud. Every iPage hosting account comes with a free iPage JustCloud storage. A storage account with 1 GB of space. iPage lists the following included features:

  • Free Mobile App
  • 100% Automated Service
  • Sync Multiple Computers
  • Access Files Anywhere
  • Share Files Anywhere
  • 24/7 Technical Support

These are the features that are specific to the iPage JustCloud storage account. The free mobile app allows you to access all your files from any mobile device. The mobile app also lets you browse stored files and backup new ones. Additionally, the 100% automated service allows the backup to take place automatically. You set the frequency of the backup and specify which files you want backed up and the process happens automatically. Furthermore, synching multiple devices will add even more flexibility. You determine which data you want to synch and which devices it will go to. This is great if you need to allow multiple people the ability to access and make changes to a specific set of documents. Also, if you start a project on your PC at work and want to continue working on it from your laptop at home.


With everything synched in the cloud you can make presentations anywhere in the world and your data will be immediately available on the local equipment. There is no need to worry about carrying the data from one location to the next and making sure the hardware and software is compatible with your portable storage device. If you need to update your website while you are on the road, no problem your website files are available in the cloud; just log in and update!

As you can see, there are many advantages to cloud storage and iPage is excited to have partnered with JustCloud. Customers are already raving about the iPage JustCloud partnership. Take advantage of our iPage coupon code and get started with the special iPage promo price. You will pay less than $2 per month for the initial term of your web hosting plan. This special iPage discount price comes with all of the standard hosting features including JustCloud storage. Check it out and get started today!