iPage customer support is truly one of the highlights of their web hosting service. There are a number of web hosting companies that offer same basic features as iPage. However few can compare when it comes to the web hosting support options. In this article we will cover the types of iPage support. iPage is so dedicated to offering top-of-the-line support that they provide all of their web hosting customers with a Support Suite valued at $50. The Support Suite comes standard with any iPage web hosting plan. After reading this iPage support article, you will see how helpful they are!

iPage Support Suite

The iPage support suite covers the basic support options. That includes phone, email, and chat support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone support from iPage utilizes North American phone agents that answer calls in 2 minutes or less, on average. All of the iPage support team members go through rigorous training and quality assurance testing. This ensures that every agent knows the system and is qualified to help with any situations that may come up. iPage is so dedicated to providing a positive support experience that they ask customers to fill out a survey about the support experience so that they can pinpoint areas where they may be able to improve.

iPage Tutorials and Online Support

For those that are new to web hosting and may not have a particular problem or specific question, the iPage tutorials and online support options are amazing. A basic user guide covers many important topics like:

  • Understanding Web Hosting
  • Managing a Domain Name
  • Configuring Email
  • Designing a Website
  • Selling Online
  • Managing an Account
  • And a Guide on Using iPage Online Support

The basic user guide covers all the basic topics and questions that most new beginners have. The iPage tutorials includes screen shots showing users how to perform each operation. Additionally, they provide links to other helpful articles with more information about each topic for those that may want more in-depth information.

iPage Knowledgebase

The next area of iPage customer support that we want to talk about is the knowledgebase. The iPage knowledgebase is a conglomeration of how-to and informational articles that cover an enormous range of topics. Customers can browse the knowledgebase by category or search for any specific topic. The iPage knowledgebase has everything from getting started with web hosting to content management tips. As with the basic user guide, the iPage knowledgebase also includes screenshots that give a visual of what they are talking about. Sometimes this is even more helpful than talking to someone on the phone because you can see exactly what you need to do.

For the visual learner, we highly recommend checking out the iPage video tutorials. When it comes to the different types of iPage support, video tutorials are one of the best options. iPage video tutorials provide a visual representation but also have the audio to explain each step. In addition, the iPage video tutorials have text boxes pointing to the exact location on the screen where they are working with little snippets of information explaining what they are doing. The video tutorials make it so that users can go at their own pace. You can pause the video and come back if you need to or repeat some of the information if they miss something. There are dozens of iPage video tutorials that cover various topics.

Other Types of iPage Customer Support

For more general questions a user may want to fill in a simple online form. From the contact page a customer can login to the support console to submit specific account related questions. For those that are not iPage customers but have questions, don’t worry. They offer a form where these requests can be sent and a team member will get back to you. iPage even provides a form for leaving feedback and or suggestions. This is a great way to let the iPage support know what you like or don’t like.

Having so many iPage support options allows each individual user to get help in whichever way he/she would prefer. A lot of people like to just talk to someone and ask everything at once. Other people are afraid by large amounts of information all at once and would prefer to be able to research a topic on their own and have the ability to go back and revisit the topic later if they still have questions. Whatever method you prefer, give iPage support a try. Finally, if you are just researching iPage use the chat or toll free number to see just how personal and helpful the iPage support is.