iPage vs BlueHost is one of the best web hosting comparisons that you will find. This is because they both offer some of the best web hosting features. While owned by the same parent company, each have their uniqueness. In this BlueHost vs iPage review, we are going to take a look at the services they each offer. In addition, we have an iPage coupon and BlueHost coupon for you. The iPage coupon allows you to only pay $1.95 a month for iPage web hosting. The BlueHost coupon allows you to only pay $2.95 a month for BlueHost web hosting.

Right off the get go, choosing between iPage or BlueHost you can’t go wrong. No matter which one you choose at the conclusion of this iPage vs BlueHost review, you will be happy. Let’s take a look at iPage first as we start this BlueHost vs iPage article.

iPage vs BlueHost

iPage is one of the most established web hosting providers you can find. They have been around the industry for many years and offer solid products. Originally iPage only offered shared web hosting, but they now offer more. The iPage offers include shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting. While the iPage shared hosting is the most popular, all of them are great. You get a ton of unlimited web hosting features with iPage. If you are looking to host a WordPress site, the iPage WordPress hosting is what you want. That plan includes specific features needed to power WordPress. The iPage VPS and iPage dedicated hosting plans are for those that need more control of their servers.

The best part of the iPage shared web hosting is the cost. While the normal iPage price is $ 11.99 a month, you can get it for only $1.99 a month! That is because we have an amazing iPage coupon to save you money! You must click on the official iPage coupon links in this iPage vs BlueHost review to activate that price.

iPage $1.99 Coupon

BlueHost vs iPage

BlueHost is probably one of the most well-known web hosts. They have built their reputation on being affordable and providing a quality product. Similar to iPage, BlueHost started as just a shared web hosting provider. They have since grown to more than that. You can get BlueHost WordPress hosting, BlueHost VPS hosting, and BlueHost dedicated hosting. What you can’t get anymore is the BlueHost reseller hosting. They have partnered up with a third party to offer that. BlueHost offers three shared web hosting plans to choose. The difference in these plans are small. Those differences include the amount of disk space, number of emails, and number of domains you can host. An average webmaster will have no issues using the basic BlueHost web hosting plan.

Just like iPage, we have a BlueHost coupon for you. The normal BlueHost price is $7.95 a month but with our BlueHost coupon you will only pay $2.95. That is a great deal for the quality of product you get.

BlueHost $2.95 Coupon

iPage or BlueHost

That is a great question, iPage or BlueHost? As you can see in this BlueHost vs iPage article the decision can be touch. You can only make that decision. You must look at what they each offer and decide what is best for you. The great thing is if you choose BlueHost or iPage, you are going to get some amazing customer support. They both offer free customer support and are always there for their clients.

BlueHost or iPage

Don’t forget when choosing between iPage or BlueHost to use our web hosting coupons. To recap, our iPage coupon is for $1.99 a month. Our BlueHost coupon is for $2.95 a month. Both are great money saving deals. No matter which way you go, you should sign up for three years. The reason for this is after your initial term, your monthly price will go to the normal price. This is standard in the web hosting industry. Don’t overpay, take advantage of those amazing coupons we listed in this BlueHost vs iPage article!