Webmasters are constantly asking what the difference between iPage vs eHost is. Both of these cheap web hosting providers have a ton to offer their clients. In this eHost vs iPage review, we will at these two hosts in great depth. Something you will see is that no matter who you choose, iPage or eHost, you will be good to go! Plus, we have an iPage coupon and eHost coupon for you. Both of these web hosting coupons will save you a lot of money.

iPage vs eHost

When looking at these hosts, you will see a little difference. That is why a lot of people like to compare iPage vs eHost. The main difference is that iPage offers multiple types of hosting. On the other hand, eHost offers shared web hosting. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s just something you need to consider while reading this eHost vs iPage review. Let’s start off by looking at eHost web hosting and our eHost coupon!

eHost Coupon $2.75

You read that right. You can get eHost web hosting for only $2.75 a month when you use our eHost coupon. Unlike some hosts, you don’t lose any features when using our eHost coupon. eHost has been around for several years and offers a solid product. They concentrate on their servers, features, eHost support system. With eHost, you get all the tools you need to manage and host your website efficiently. eHost offers you over $200 in free features. Those features consist of marketing credits, JustCould storage, Yahoo credits, and more!

When it comes to the standard features, eHost offers you a ton of unlimited web hosting features. You have access to unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to host as many domains as you want! That feature in itself can save you a ton of money in the future! Included in our eHost coupon are free website templates, unlimited email accounts, and free eHost support! A lot of hosts charge for customer support, not eHost. The eHost support consists of an online help center, eHost tutorials, live chat, email support, and phone support. The eHost phone support is there for you 24/7.

eHost offers you only the best servers. They monitor their servers 24×7 and only use the best high performance load balanced servers. In addition, eHost provides you visitor statistics and site traffic reports. These will come in handy if you are running a business online.

The normal eHost is $5.50 a month. However, we have already provided you with our eHost coupon that takes off 50%. You can’t go wrong with our eHost coupon especially when you only pay $2.75 a month!

iPage Coupon $1.99

With iPage you get a lot of options. Options that include VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and shared web hosting. iPage offers a ton of hosting solutions to meet your needs. In addition to web hosting, iPage offers a lot of solutions for eCommerce, marketing, email hosting, and domain registration.

The iPage WordPress hosting is amazing. They offer some amazing features geared for WordPress sites. With the iPage WordPress hosting you get pre installed themes, extra support, super speed, and enhanced security. There are two iPage WordPress hosting plans to choose from starting at only $3.75 a month.

While iPage offers a lot of hosting solutions, they are best known for their shared hosting. The iPage shard web hosting is known as the Essential plan. The iPage Essential plan is all inclusive! With the iPage Essential plan you get a free domain, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. Plus you have access to unlimited MySQL databases. iPage offers you all the tools you need in the award winning iPage Essential plan. The normal iPage price is $11.95 a month but with our iPage coupon you only pay $1.99 a month.

eHost vs iPage

As you can see in this iPage vs ehost review, it is difficult to choose between them. Neither iPage or eHost are bad hosts. They both offer you amazing features at very affordable prices. That is what makes choosing eHost vs iPage a difficult task. The bottom line is that you need to choose either iPage or eHost based on your needs. If you need more than shared web hosting, you will need to choose iPage. If you need cheap web hosting, then choose either iPage or eHost! No matter what, don’t forget to use our iPage coupon and eHost coupon to save money!