In this iPage vs FatCow article we will offer you a comparison of these two top web hosting providers, as well as an iPage review and a FatCow review.  Learn what each of these web hosts has to offer and if one of them has what you are looking for in a shared web hosting plan. You will see that FatCow vs iPage is a great match up!

iPage vs FatCow

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Let’s start this iPage vs Fatcow review by talking about iPage. iPage is a web hosting veteran, having started hosting websites in 1998.  As a leader in the web hosting industry they service over 1 million websites in 150 countries.  iPage has 6 worldwide locations with over 800 employees and over 25 brands worldwide.  iPage specializes only in one shared web hosting plan. They now offer the famous iPage WordPress hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting.  iPage has seen many changes throughout the years in the web hosting industry. They have been able to keep up with the changes by constantly upgrading their features and equipment. iPage still continues to grow by providing their customers what they want and keeping up with technology, after all word-of-mouth referrals of happy customers are always the best way to grow your business.

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Like iPage, FatCow also started hosting websites in 1998.  That’s part of the reason why FatCow vs iPage is so hard. FatCow has also chosen to offer only one shared hosting plan.  FatCow has done an excellent job in branding themselves and setting themselves apart from the competition.  The FatCow website is clever, witty, and explains everything in a very unique FatCow way with “a bullpen full of site templates”, “a hoof-click away from a blog”, and much more.  As FatCow was designing their site they found the competition typically had very technical sites. Those sites were for people new to web hosting to understand. Therefore the FatCow website is basic enough for a beginner to understand.  FatCow has also recently added a page for “Beginners” that helps explain what web hosting is and how to create a website.

iPage or FatCow:

Many web hosting companies come and go. Both iPage and FatCow have been around for exactly the same amount time, about 15 years. This helps customers feel more confident that the same company will host their website for years to come.

When it comes to comparing the iPage and FatCow hosting packages, the features are almost virtually the same.  Both hosting plans include several unlimited features including disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases, and emails.  They both also explain clearly that “unlimited” means within reason. If you have a personal or business website of average size with an average amount of visitors there will be plenty of space, bandwidth, etc.  But if your website becomes a huge site with tons of traffic and it affects all of the sites on the server, they will ask you to fix it.

Many other web hosts try to dabble in a little bit of every type of hosting, not concentrating and/or specializing in any particular type of hosting.  FatCow and iPage offer one type of shared hosting.   Both of these hosts have also chosen to include everything customers could possibly need in one web hosting package. Their plans are diverse enough to suit the needs of nearly every customer. It’s because of their shared hosting plans that makes iPage vs FatCow a tough decision.

FatCow and iPage offer discounted pricing for a 12, 24, or 36 month pre-paid commitment.  It is wise to choose the 36 month plan on either because you will save the most money upfront. Plus web hosting plans renew at regular rates you will have the discounted rate for a longer period of time.

Both of these web hosts do an excellent job in letting you know the exact costs upfront. They clearly indicate the regular rates upon renewal, and do not try to up-sell necessary items at checkout.  They do both offer a few useful add on tools at checkout. These are here only as an option to help you and help you save money, not as a pressured sale.

FatCow vs iPage:

Both iPage and FatCow offer you the lowest rates for a 1, 2, or 3 year contract. There is no difference for that in this iPage vs FatCow article. While both web hosting companies provide a money back guarantee; FatCow and iPage offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. Most customers know within about 30 days whether a web hosting package is going to work for them or not. It is very nice to know that with iPage and FatCow if anything happens and you have to shut down or transfer your website you will be able to do so and get some of your money back.

When it comes to security FatCow does their fair share in providing customers the highest level of security. They do daily server backups, a backup generator, and have a facility that their staff monitors 24×7.  However, if you would like extra security with SiteLock there will be a small annual fee.  With iPage a free security suite with SiteLock is included, but for a small fee may be upgraded. Choosing between FatCow vs iPage is hard. However, you are going to get the best host with either of them!